We offer a variety of therapies to chose from and can blend together therapies to create a perfectly unique massage just for you.

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*Pricing is the same for most therapies and is generally $58 for 45 minutes, $75for 60 minutes, $86 for 75  and $100 for 90 minutes. The time length is the full time on the table. Other time amounts are available. Prices are subject to change.

We now offer Couples Massages in the same room and are available for larger groups, (please allow at least 24 hours notice).

Packages are now available!

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*Packages are a great way to save money if you are getting regular massages. Packages can be purchased in sets of 4 massages- Buy (4) 60 minutes massages for $280 ($20 total savings!), (4) 75 minute massages for $320 ($24 total savings!) or (4) 90 minute massages for $372 ($28 total savings!) **Packages must be purchased through Whitney. Packages can not be shared with another person or combined with another discount. Packages expire 1 year after purchase date. If you fail to cancel an appointment you have booked, it will count as part of your package massages.

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Therapeutic Massage – Any massage we offer is therapeutic in nature, which means that it is meant to help with any aches, pains and stress you might be experiencing.      Therapeutic massage may be light to medium pressure and is a good choice for first time clients or anyone just wanting to relax, de-stress and get relief from minor aches and pains.

Deep Tissue Massage – Deep tissue therapy focuses on releasing tension by using a deeper touch. However, deep tissue should never be painful and is a good choice for athletes, people who have had a lot of massage or have a lot of tension in their body.

Sports Massage – This therapy tends to involve more stretching and deeper massage techniques, while focusing on lengthening the muscles. Sports massage can be very beneficial for athletes and can help them recover between work outs and helps the muscles to perform better.

Active Isolated Stretching– AIS is a highly effective way of relaxing the muscles and deepening a stretch, so that you can gain more flexibility, range of motion and a greater awareness of what we should work on more.

Prenatal Therapy – This is massage done during a women’s pregnancy and is usually done with the woman laying on her side. Prenatal massage tends to be more gentle and focuses on relaxing the muscles around the lower back and hips. This can greatly help the mother and baby relax and when done regularly, can make pregnancy and the labor process easier.

Reflexology – This is massage specifically focused on the feet. It can be a powerful therapy because the feet are a “map” of the body systems and can give a good insight into what is going on in the rest of the body. It is also a very relaxing and grounding therapy and can be added to any other therapy.

Additional Therapies Offered:

*Cupping- a detox for pain relief using suction cups

*doTERRA Essential Oils- 100% pure Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils that have intense

aromatic and therapeutic benefits

*Hot stones

*Chakra/energy work

doTERRA essential oils- amazing, powerful natural medicine doTERRA essential oils- amazing, powerful natural medicine


Please call us at (928)713-9614 for pricing and more information!

Late Policy: In order for our office to run efficiently, we depend on our clients to show up to their appointments on time. If you are unable to make your appointment or need to reschedule, we ask that you give us a 24 hour notice. *First time clients will be asked to reserve their appointment with a credit card. The card will not be charged unless the client doesn’t make it to their appointment without calling or calls within 3 hours of their appointment. In this instance, client will be charge the full service price. Card information will never be kept or shared. We understand that rare occurrences to happen that don’t allow for warning: if a serious emergency happens or you are sick, you won’t be charged.